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Kitty Langan Studio

 Performing Arts School

About Us

Do you aspire to sing on the London stage? Perhaps your dream is to perform in theatres and auditoriums across the globe? Waiting in the wings to help you achieve your dream is Swindon's newest singing & dancing school, Kitty Langan Studio. With a fully equipped singing & performance studio combined with excellent tuition by Katie Langan & staff you have access to fantastic coaching right on your doorstep in Swindon.

Katie Langan - Principal

Singing, dancing and acting since the age of 5, Katie Langan knows exactly how it feels to be young, talented and in search of stardom. A wealth of experience and invaluable knowledge of the industry makes Katie the perfect role model for any budding performer - from experienced sopranos and tenors, to karaoke queens and hairbrush hit performers.


With this in mind, Katie launched the Kitty Langan Studio in Greenmeadow, Swindon. Borne from a desire to give Swindon talent the national recognition it deserves, the school will take on any student from the age of 6 months upwards. If you’ve got the passion, dedication and are willing to learn, Katie has the experience (and patience!) to help reach your goal.

Katie’s diverse and exciting career has taken her from winning ‘Swindon’s Pop Idol’ at the age of 13, to centre stage performances such as Aladdin’s Genie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s Veruca Salt, Chicago‘s Velma Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. Working with performers young and old, Katie is no stranger to rehearsing, choreographing and performing in high profile productions – with an enviable drive and determination to make anything and everything work. Having taken part in competitions and showcases both locally and nationally, Katie is passionate about bringing the same excitement of her experiences to her students at the Kitty Langan Studio. 

I want to see the school grow day by day, year by year, ultimately achieving enough members to be taking the school to local and national competitions, in order for our students to win awards and trophies for their excellence. Swindon is an exciting place to be for any performer – not just singers, but dancers and actors too." The Kitty Langan Studio has a lot to offer and with the help of our members, we can make people who are high up in the industry pay attention to the schools in Swindon. I'm so passionate about taking Swindon's talented young stars to the national arena. I learn from even the most challenging of students, it's the only way to grow as a teacher, performer and friend.”

Becky Ludlow - Teacher

Becky started Ballet classes at the age of 3 gaining a distinction level at her very first exam. Soon after, Becky started taking Jazz classes at Swindon Dance. Becky soon got the Jazz bug and never looked back. Performing her first show at the Wyvern made all the dreams seem real. Becky began taking Tap and Jazz classes at ‘Sullivan School of Dance’ whilst also dancing at school & performing in pantomimes and shows. Alongside all of her showcases, Becky continued to achieve distinctions in Tap and Jazz exams which then led her to play the lead role in the show ‘Grease’ at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon. Becky then auditioned for the ‘Youth Talent Programme’ at Swindon Dance and was later awarded a place where she continued to learn Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet, whilst also performing solos in her school shows.

Becky then moved away to continue 5 years at the ‘Youth Dance Academy, Centre of Advanced Training’ , professionally progressing in Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet. Becky excelled herself which allowed her to pursue working with top choreographers such as Tim Noble (MTV), Bawren (Tavaziva) and teachers from the Royal Ballet and London Studios. Becky loved performing centre stage at the London palladium, Sadler’s Wells and the O2 Arena, representing the UK in the ‘World Skills’ event.

At the age of 19 Becky decided to share her love for Dance and became a qualified ‘Zumba’ and Exercise to Music instructor. Becky is thrilled to now be sharing her knowledge and passion with, not just adults, but aspiring young people, oozing talent that wish to take to the stage.

“Students at Kitty Langan Studio are full of talent and enthusiasm and I love that! I love that I have the chance to help them perfect their skills and energy, assisting them on their way to becoming whatever they dream! Dance is all about technique, poise and positive attitude…but most importantly FUN! I hope I can spread my energy across the board, assisting the students side by side. I eat, breath and live dance!”

Francis Ngahu - Teacher
Francis; a dancer since the age of 10, always loved to please a crowd. Whether it was by himself or with a group the passion stayed.

Francis is a self taught dancer. Growing up in Plumstead Common in South End London he wasn’t fortunate enough to receive professional training so he took a lead from ‘Les Twins’ who inspired him to create unique choreography both solo and within a group.

Dancing has been a passion for him and the group; ‘Trin3rgy’, for a long time. The group was formed almost 10 years ago. ‘Trin3rgy’ are a Theatrical dance group, who mix comedy with routines. Since 2007 the group have performed all over London: from parks to picnics, to performing at Catford Broadway Theatre, Troxy Theatre, Sadlers Wells, Royal Albert Hall before jetting off too Brazil to shoot a dancing video with Actor Adam Deacon and successfully auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent to be considered for the live Semi-Finals. These days Francis dedicates his time to teaching young children that share the same passion he does from such a young age.

“Kids are our future! I am so grateful that Kate has given me this amazing opportunity to be involved in Kitty Langan Studio - I absolutely love teaching these kids. They all work so hard and aim to please which is why I get so much enjoyment from my job”

Karrie-Anna Harris – Teacher

I started dancing at a very early age at Dizzy Feet Dance Academy which was a freestyle disco dance school. I danced with them until I turned 18 and in that time I had competed in many competitions and weekend festivals all over the country, bringing many trophies home for everything ranging from solo dances to team routines.

After school I went on to study A Levels at Cirencester College and I continued to dance with Dizzy Feet in my spare time. I also took a dance course at the college. I came out of my first year in Cirencester College with a Distinction** in dance, along with passing all my A levels.

I finished dancing with Dizzy Feet when I auditioned and gained a place at Liberatus School of Performing Arts in Swindon, where I went on to train for three years. During this time I learnt a lot about myself and I changed from timid and shy into an outgoing, enthusiastic person. Liberatus was mainly a dance focused school, they also taught drama and singing and this is where I discovered my passion for singing; I have recently started up a band with three of my friends and we hope to start gigging and record some covers of various songs. Throughout the 3 years, open days were held where students showcased what had been learnt in classes to the new prospective students. One of these open days was when I first sang in front of an audience; it was scary, but absolutely amazing at the same time. After that I was cast to sing in our end of year show which the students choreographed routines themselves and turned them into pieces, with the help of the teachers. Show term was always very tough, especially towards the end; long days and even nights sometimes spent rehearsing in the studios to perfect the pieces and make the shows come to life. We stayed away in Bristol for a week at a time where we would rehearse for up to 15 hours per day until the show began on Friday and ended on Sunday. I am so grateful for these experiences as they really helped me grow in confidence and mature. They also gave me a real insight into the teaching side of performing arts.

For the past two summers I have helped out my ex-ballet teacher with her dance summer school as well as teaching at Stagecoach making sure the children are supported, having fun and helping them if they are have any wobbles. I have made some good bonds with the children and they have learnt to trust me - this mutual respect has enabled me to encourage them in the right direction.

“I find it difficult to call teaching ‘work’ when you love your job so much. Sharing my experiences with kids eager to learn is what the industry is all about and I hope to continue teaching alongside performing for years to come.”

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